Mr. Jang, the Gyeonggi Province Assembly Candidate Who Specializes in Social Well-Being

Mr. Dong-Il Jang is running for the Gyeonggi Province Assembly as a candidate from the Democratic Party. He's got a small sign on Star Plaza.


I did get ahold of one of his introduction cards. Here it is, with the translations.

[Front side]


Democratic Party

Bright and Warm

Specialist in Social Well-Being

Dong-Il Jang

Gyeonggi Province Assembly Election 2

(Ansan City District 3) Seongpo-Dong, Il-Dong, I-Dong 

[Back side]

  • Born in Goheung, Jeonnam Province (1958)
  • Special Policy Assistant for National Assemblyman Yeong-Hwan Kim
  • Head of the Democratic Party's Special Committee for Environmental City Development of Gyeonggi Province
  • Assistant Head of the Democratic Party's Local Committee for Sangrok, Ansan City
  • Level 2 Social Welfare Worker
  • Representative of Daeyang Environment Co., Ltd.

Dong-Il Jang,  Pre-Candidate for the Provincial Elections

#309 Star Plaza, Seongpo-Dong, Sangrok-Gu, Ansan City / Tel: 031-401-6151

Cell phone: 011-335-8579 / Weblog on Daum:

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