Directions to My Office

By subway, take line #4 (the blue line) toward Oido (오이도) and get off at Chungang Station (중앙역). Chungang Station is about 60 minutes south from Seoul Station (서울역) and about south 40 minutes from Sadang Station (사당역).

As you approach Chungang Station, look to your right (north side) to see the following view. My office is in the building shown by the red box.

To reach the office, exit Chungang Station on the north side, walk through the underground walkway which crosses below the main road and come out from the #3 exit. You’ll then find yourself in front of a lot of buildings. Walk back amongst the buildings and look for the really tall building… Walk toward it… 

When you get there, take the elevator up to the 24th floor and knock on this door:

Knock, and if I’m there, I’ll welcome you in:


And here is the full, official address in English and Korean:

#2406, Chungang Heightsville, 23 Ansancheon-Seo Road, Danweon-Gu, Ansan-Si, Gyeonggi-Do 425-868

경기도 안산시 단원구 안산천서로 23 중앙하이츠빌 2406호 (우: 425-868)

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