Korean<>English Dictionary from Google

I generally go to Yahoo! Korea’s Korean<>English dictionary [EXPIRED LINK REMOVED: https://kr.dic.yahoo.com/]for definitions when translating. It’s pretty good and has several subject-matter specialties. Korean portal sites Naver.com and Daum.net also have about the same offering but I’ve stuck with Yahoo! simply because the interface is more familiar to me. It probably doesn’t matter though because I think all three are based on the same database.

Anyway, Google’s just released their own competing service at Google Dictionary [EXPIRED LINK REMOVED: https://www.google.com/dictionary?langpair=en|ko], which includes Korean<>English and a whole lot of other languages too. In typical Google fashion, the display pages are pretty austere, but what does it matter if the information is good?

Time will tell whether I end up switching to Google from Yahoo, but based on my past history, it seems that this is yet another service for which I’ll be migrating over to Google.

One more bit of interesting news. Google just integrated translation into their Web search results too. Here’s the intro post from Google’s weblog:

https://googleblog.blogspot.com/2009/12/searching-global-web-just-got-little [EXPIRED LINK REMOVED: https://googleblog.blogspot.com/2009/12/searching-global-web-just-got-little]

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