Foreigners in the Land of the Morning Calm

I've lived in Korea off and on for more than fifteen years now and while it's hard to say that Korea feels completely "like home", it is certainly "home away from home" and a place I enjoy. I understand though that not every expat feels this way and that many have not made the transition to the Korean way of life.

While some aspects of overcoming "culture shock" can only be resolved by the foreigner who has come to live in Korea, the national government, as well as the city of Seoul, are working hard to create an improved environment for expatriates and their families. This is based on the realization that Korea will become a leading international player only when the country has become a pleasant place for foreigners to live and visit. Some of the aspects of this, which I will discuss in future posts, include the following:

  • Construction of Songdo New City and the Free Economic Zone
  • Revamping of various laws and regulations regarding the lives of foreigners in Korea
  • Creating of various pockets of foreigner-friendly services and communities within the Seoul area

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