korean financial translator

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  • Financial statements and annual reports; auditor reports
  • Employee newsletters and bulletins; letters to clients and customers
  • Legal contracts and agreements (such as leases, IP protection agreements, supplier/contractor agreements)
  • Market reports and market development updates
  • Legal briefs, claims and complaints; court judgments and arbitration awards
  • Investor briefs and presentations, investment prospectuses and other investment-related promotional materials
  • Corporate correspondence and miscellaneous internal materials (including emails, spreadsheets, diagrams and reports)
  • Corporate media (including social media postings and blogs); articles in the business and financial press; press releases
  • Business-related recordings of all types, both in video and audio formats
  • Patents, utility models and designs, copyrights, layouts, documented know-how and other intangible information; academic articles related to corporate IP and research; asset appraisals
  • Laws, presidential decrees, government regulations and ordinances; regulatory and public notices and other legislative information pertaining to international trade and finance
  • Official corporate and personal registrations; import/export certificates; bank statements and business receipts; whistle-blower reports; academic and professional degrees and certifications
  • Product information and user guides; product labeling and approvals
  • RFP/RFQs; business proposals and presentations
  • Insurance claim documentation (including medical records and receipts), adjuster reports
  • … and more.