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Basic rate structure

As neededRetainer
Monthly feeUS$1,875
Korean<>English translationAdvance quote (or US$0.28/English word)US$0.24/English word
Hourly rate for non-translation servicesUS$140/hourUS$115/hour
Minimum chargeUS$95/workflowNone
Payment termsAdvance payment or 30-days from delivery with adequate documentationFollowing initial retainer deposit, 30 days from end of month with adequate documentation

Retainer-based services

Charges for services on retainer are deducted from the outstanding balance at the discounted retainer rates until the balance reaches zero and then billed additionally at the discounted retainer rates for further services requested during the month. The basic retainer is billed at the beginning of the month, with additional charges invoiced at the end of the month. An open retainer balance does not roll over from month-to-month, but if there is an open balance at the end of the month, I will search the Korean-language news for business intelligence related to your company, field, competitors or other topics/keywords you’ve provided me and prepare and send you an English report summarizing that information in the first week of the following month. The effort on this business report will be in proportion to the amount of your unused balance so that you will always get full value for your retainer, even in months that you do not otherwise use up your budget. I will gladly entertain other suggestions to ensure you receive as much value as possible from my services. On my monthly invoice to you, I will itemize the services provided. Retainer services are provided month-to-month and may be cancelled at any time.

Off-site language services

My minimum charge for off-site services is based on a four-hour half-day + transportation

Services available

Korean<>English translation

  • High-quality translation of Korean documents into clear and accurate English
  • Expert translation from English to Korean with rigorous and documented QA processes
  • Draft, summary and sight translation (Korean to English, billed hourly)
  • Terminology design and management for bilingual publication
  • Special translation support for ongoing business correspondence and legal matters

Korean business support

  • Business-related cultural and linguistic analysis and consulting
  • Korean news monitoring and summarizing
  • Korean business referrals and connections (available only to clients on retainer)
  • General Korean business research and investigation
  • On-site Korean business and language support
  • Other client-defined language services related to business, financial and legal issues in Korea (on-site and off-site)