My “Consistently Good Work” Pledge

We pledge to deliver Consistently Good Quality on translations from English to Korean (translated and edited by my team and project- and quality-managed by me) and from Korean to English (always translated only by me) based on resources, processes, rules, and expectations agreed in advance with you.

We pledge to provide Consistently Good Service by communicating clearly, promptly, completely and accurately with a professional demeanor, by delivering on time or early, by following your project instructions and by otherwise sharing our deep expertise in Korea and Korean to help you maximize value in your work. We pledge to maintain the confidentiality of your data, respect your client relationships and recognize your ownership of the work product.

We pledge to offer Consistent and Transparent Pricing by charging and invoicing promptly as agreed in advance based on clearly defined and structured rates, discounts, and premiums.

We will accept only projects when I am confident that my team and/or I can fulfill this pledge and will charge full price only when we do fulfill it completely. Please let me know when and how we have fallen short so that I can make things right.

Steven S. Bammel
Business Translator, Korean to English
President, Korean Consulting & Translation Service, Inc.

“Steve,… Our people thought your translation was great… Thanks for your work and we have now put it into use.”

Roger Withers (Salisbury Cathedral – Salisbury, United Kingdom)