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Legal Korean translation support for business and legal matters

The field of Korean legal translation covers a broad range of content types and legal documents are used for many purposes. Contracts form the basis of business and investment deals. As a result, these documents are often at the center of legal disputes. Many levels of the Korean government produce laws and legal regulations. Public agencies in Korea approve and sanction the activities of companies and investors. Once international litigation involving Korean companies begins, any document related to the dispute becomes important. Immigration, property purchases and patent filings all require support from a professional legal Korean translator.

I have studied and worked in Korea for many years. With an intimate knowledge of Korean culture, business–and of course, the Korean language–I am proficient in translating documents for many legal purposes. I support the work of lawyers and attorneys, as well as companies, investors, and individuals. My legal Korean translation work is precise, I am always on-time, and I handle everything with absolute confidentiality.

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An expert Korean legal translator translates a wide range of documents correctly for important legal purposes.

Legal Korean translator for business contracts and agreements

Business operates on contracts, and Korea is no exception. The following are only a few of the types of agreements you might sign while doing business in Korea: partnership agreements, distributorship and other agency agreements, licensing agreements and other agreements for the management of intellectual property, supplier and subcontractor agreements, employment agreements, lease agreements, agreements for the purchase and sale of real estate and equipment, investment agreements. As a Korean legal translator, I have translated countless Korean contracts and agreements. If you need to know exactly what a legal Korean agreement says before or after you sign, or in the event of a legal dispute, my careful and competent approach to legal Korean translation will ensure you know every detail correctly.

Official legal documents from public Korean organizations

Doing business in Korea requires working with various departments, agencies, and offices within the Korean government.  These Korean organizations generate a lot of paperwork, such as permits and notifications. Legislative information (including laws, presidential decrees, regulations, and ordinances) pertaining to your business can also include critical information that impacts your business. My work as a legal Korean translator will give you an understanding of Korean regulations, correspondence with the Korean authorities, and other legal Korean material at a government level.

Legal Korean translator for litigation and arbitration involving Korean parties

Legal proceedings involve an endless stream of written material. Claims, responses and other filings–as well judgments, court notices and orders–make up the framework over which the litigation and arbitration process operates. In the legal process, evidence can take many forms, and in legal discovery, often involves internal company emails and reports, correspondence between companies, legal agreements entered into, financial records, patents, and other materials relevant to the case. I am a legal Korean translator and have translated Korean documents for many legal cases, including both international litigation and local arbitration. I’ve even worked on family matters and negotiations that have not yet reached the courts. You can count on my best work for your legal matter.

Legal Korean translation related to intellectual property

Patents and utility models

Koreans are active inventors and patent filers. Due to the structure of the Korean economy, Korean patents are weighted heavily toward heavy chemicals and petroleum, automobiles and related technologies, semiconductors, telecommunications and other electronics. However, Korean inventions are not limited to these, and Korean patents cover a wide range of fields.

Note: Patents are critical legal documents, but they share a lot in common with academic and scientific content. I also discuss my work on patents under my Korean academic and scientific translation services.

Copyrights, trademarks, and other intellectual property-related documents

Protecting intellectual property in Korea requires copyrights and trademarks. The process of maintaining this intellectual property–including for patents and utility models–also produces office actions, correspondence, and other documents. Users must have these translated these for information purposes, as well as to maintain process integrity.

I have studied and am familiar with the patent process and the formal terminology involved, both in English and Korean. As a legal Korean translator, I translate dozens of patents, office actions, and other intellectual property-related documents every year. I am ready to provide you with impeccable translations of Korean documents in the field.

A dependable legal Korean translator can make a big difference in your legal work. Whether for litigation, for business and investment, or for immigration and other purposes, I will support you reliably on all of your Korean legal translation needs.