Korean Business-Legal Document Translation

Approximate rate ranges:
Premium Korean>English translation: US$0.18–0.32/English word
Premium English>Korean translation: US$0.18–0.32/English word
Budget Korean>English translation: US$0.09–0.16/English word

Actual translation rates vary based on project requirements. Visit Rates & Pricing for further details, including discounts for retainer, monthly and large-job billing; hourly and minimum charges; additional available currencies and billing units; and other potential rate adjustments.

“I hired Korean Consulting & Translation Service, Inc. to help me translate divorce documents. I even had them do a little investigative work and call relatives of the lady I needed to send the documents to so that she would know they were coming. I was very pleased with their service. They were on time and on budget.”

Anthony S. (Attorney – Clifton, Texas)

Korean business-legal translation refers to translating business documents related to legal matters. A good translator is familiar with legal concepts and also understands the business environment in which the legal matter takes place.

Thanks to my deep background in Korean business, I am familiar with and clearly translate business concepts in Korean documents. As a result, my clients fully understand these materials and can achieve their business and legal outcomes.

Business contracts and agreements

I’ve translated many business contracts for clients doing business in Korea and with Koreans globally, including: partnership agreements; distributorship/agency agreements; licensing agreements and other contracts for the management of intellectual property; supplier and subcontractor agreements; employment agreements; lease agreements; agreements for the purchase and sale of real estate and equipment; consulting and investment agreements, and more.

Official correspondence from public Korean organizations, as well as laws and regulations

Doing business in Korea involves working with a wide range of departments, agencies, and other offices in central and local government.  These Korean organizations generate a lot of related paperwork, almost always in Korean: business registrations; corporate and real estate registries, notifications of service by mail, etc.

Laws and regulations pertaining to your business may also contain critical information that impacts your business, or even a legal case. Though many Korean laws (including enforcement ordinances, presidential decrees, enforcement rules, etc.) have been translated into English (notably, from the Korean Law Translation Center), many lesser documents are only available in Korean.

I regularly support my clients with translation to English of official Korean government documents.

In legal discovery, evidence often involves internal corporate emails and reports, correspondence between companies, legal agreements entered into, financial records, patents, and other relevant materials. I have worked on many international legal cases, translating documents accurately and clearly based on my strong business background.

In addition, I translate legal complaints, responses, and petitions; legal briefs; court judgments, notices, orders; and other legal documents for clients around the world, including English legal documents into Korean for service through the Hague.

Finally, my work covers content related to family matters, negotiations, and mediation that have not yet reached the courts.

Patents, copyrights, trademarks, and other intellectual property documents

I translate patents, copyrights, and trademarks. Contact me to if you are working to maintain, protect, or understand intellectual property described in Korean. Working with my team in Korea, I also deliver excellent translations of English patents and other related materials into Korean.

Ongoing accessibility and fast work

Legal matters often move quickly, and last week’s document may need to be revised this week… or by tomorrow morning! Being able to respond clearly to questions as they come up, update translations promptly, and deliver jobs on-time are critical qualities I bring to my work.

Certified translation quality

Legal translations must be accurate. I stand behind my company’s work with translation certification and US$1,000,000 of E&O insurance to protect my clients. You can count on receiving the quality you expect.


I maintain strict confidentiality on all work, and I’m prepared to back up this commitment by signing a confidentiality agreement or court order before accessing your materials.