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Get the results you need with Korean translation done accurately the first time.

I have been providing professional Korean translation services for over twenty years. Based on long experience and subject-matter expertise, my team and I provide the best value for premium Korean translation services to clients from around the world.

I have provided the information here to help you pre-qualify me for your Korean translation project. Contact me anytime for additional information or answers to specific questions. When you’re ready, reach out for a free quote to translate Korean to English, or to translate English to Korean.

  1. Subject domains I work in
  2. Services I provide
  3. Documents I translate
  4. Clients I work for
  5. Ways I help my clients

Get more value by working directly with a Korean translation expert.

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“Greetings: Thank you again, your work was excellent. One of our co-workers here is a native Korean-speaker and we had her review the translation as a double-check, and it got the two thumbs up.  If things move forward with the client in question, we’ll certainly be coming back to you for more translation.  Thank you again!”

Kelly N. Ryan, Data Analyst, Concierge Choice Physicians (Physician Services – Rockville Centre, NY)

I work in several technical subject domains.

I have provided expert Korean translation services for over 20 years, handling approximately 20,000 projects. While my background in translating Korean is strongest in finance and business, I have developed expertise in a number of other technical domains as well.

Hi Steven, You guys did great. The materials were sent to our Korean agent and we haven’t heard any complaints so I assume they’ve been working for him. As far as anything that needs improvement, I can’t think of anything. You did everything we asked and did it well and for a very fair price. Thanks!

Jessica Molina, Marketing Supervisor, Texas Service Life (Insurance Company – Austin, TX)

I provide a range of Korean translation services.

My services primarily cover the written word (not the spoken word: “interpretation” is the term used for expressing spoken language from one language in another) and I only work on technical translation (the other broad type of translation is “literary translation”). I also provide other Korean translation-related business services, primarily in written form.

  • Korean business information
  • Korean-to-English translation
  • English-to-Korean translation
  • Korean technical translation
  • Korean terminology design and management
  • Language support for legal discovery
  • On-site Korean business and language support
  • Revising/post-editing (proofreading and editing)
  • Transcription and translation of Korean video and audio
  • Translation support for ongoing business correspondence
  • Korean translation audits
  • Sight, draft, gisting, and summary translation of Korean text

“Thank you so much, Steven.  As always, the response was quick, and one of our Korean contacts abroad says that the piece reads extremely well. Wonderful job…again!  Thanks for the good work! Kindest regards,”

Carlos Navarro, Marketing Manager, US Food Division, Eurofins Scientific, Inc. (Testing Laboratories – Des Moines, IA)

I work on many types of documents.

The following is a partial list of document types I support with my Korean translation services, but I’ve translated many others as well.

  • Financial statements, market reports, investor briefs and presentations
  • Legal contracts, briefs, claims and complaints, court judgments, laws, patents
  • Corporate newsletters, business correspondence, corporate and property registrations, official certificates, bank statements, surveys, questionnaires, business cards
  • Journal articles and other scientific research reports, Korean masters theses and doctoral dissertations
  • Korean medical records, medical insurance claim documentation, marketing materials and clinical trial documentation
  • Vital records for immigration, including Korean birth certificates; Korean support documentation for various civil matters, including Korean driver’s licenses and educational certificates
  • Personal letters

“Hi Steven, Just received rave reviews on the Boeing script! The voice talent who recorded the script said it was the best translation he’s read in a long time. He’s a well-known personality in Korean. Well done!”

Junko Hara, Project Manager (Corporate Translations, Inc. – Redondo Beach, CA)

I serve a wide range of Korean translation clients.

People from all walks of life contact me for Korean translation, including the following.

  • Small businesses
  • Multinationals
  • Public, health and educational institutions
  • Law firms
  • General translation agencies
  • Individuals

“After searching for a translation company, I came across Korean Consulting & Translation Service, Inc. and could not be happier. The prices are the most reasonable I have found and the turnaround time is the fastest I’ve ever seen…. I recommend Korean Consulting to everyone. They are honest, fast and reasonable.”

Fernando Orozco, Production Manager, Bradley Nameplate Corp. (Custom Label Manufacturer – Fremont, CA)

I help clients achieve their goals.

Clients need Korean translation support in order to reach various objectives. The following are some of the goals I help my clients achieve through the work they hire me to handle for them.

“Korean Consulting is an extraordinary company. For almost two years I’ve worked with Steven and he is a rock-solid dependable, flexible and extremely agreeable translator to work with!”

Katie A., NCsoft (Online Game Developer – Austin, Texas)

Personal service is a hallmark of my Korean translation work.

I am involved from beginning to end on every Korean translation project I take. In fact, I personally translate every document from Korean to English, and I work closely to project-manage English to Korean translations with my team. I can answer your questions fluently and follow complicated directions without tripping up on language issues. I’m also extremely easy to reach by email and phone, and I respond quickly.