Korean Translation Communication & Accessibility

Thorough, accurate, and timely communication is a hallmark of my Korean translation service.

My clients do not worry whether I’ll understand their messages, or whether I’ll reply promptly to their emails or phone calls.

If you’re wondering how important this is, consider all the things that can go wrong if communication is confused, delayed, or incomplete.

Read below the photo for details on how I communicate and how I stay accessible to my clients all the time.

And don’t just take my work for it here. Contact me anytime for a quote on or to discuss your project and find out for yourself!

“Service was quick; quality was excellent. We completed all of the tasks with Korean Consulting over the Internet. It was the most efficient translation work I’ve ever experienced. One more thing… Price was very competitive.”

Krislyn A. (Hospital and Medical Center – Los Angeles, California)

Photo by Steven S. Bammel

Korea Poonggyeong Pension, Around the Grounds

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