Korean Translation Service Rates for Korean Translation Services

I provide transparent Korean translation rates that reflect the high value I provide

Pricing translation services is not like selling widgets. I can’t post a flat price and I have to quote each job individually. The actual price varies depending on the following factors:

  • Size of project – Large jobs benefit from volume discounts.
  • Translation direction – Translating to Korean from English is generally a bit less expensive than from Korean to English.
  • Type of content – Some content is harder than others. This depends not only on the vocabulary, but also on the level and complexity of writing. For example, survey responses are generally much easier and quicker to work with than court judgments on intellectual property litigation.
  • Internal repetition and ongoing work – Depending on the format of source files, I may be able to leverage internal repetition, or even similar content from previous jobs, to reduce the costs.
  • Translation timetable – Rushed schedules sometimes require overtime charges.
  • Condition of original – If the source document is not in a so-called “clean, editable” format, then I have to spend longer too translate it.
  • Formatting and/or typesetting requirements – Working in certain desktop publishing packages necessitates the expert assistance of my graphic designer who specializes in Asian languages.
  • Location of work – I charge more for off-site work than for work I can do in my office

Please understand that I cannot provide a fixed quote on a document that we have not seen. Therefore, please send me your files when inquiring. If you are unable to do this because of confidentiality issues, please be detailed in your project specifications so I can at least respond with a ballpark estimate.I will also be glad to sign your confidentiality agreement in advance of receiving your document.

Ongoing retainer-based support

My charges for services on retainer are deducted from the outstanding balance at a discounted retainer rate until the balance reaches zero. Then, once the balance is exhausted, I will bill additionally at the discounted retainer rates for further services requested during the month. The basic retainer is billed at the beginning of the month, with additional charges invoiced at the end of the month. You can use the retainer balance for any of the language services I offer, including translation and business intelligence. Under the retainer approach, for translation of back-and-forth emails/faxes with your contacts in Korea, we reduce our minimum rate way down and charge a flat rate on a retainer basis. Simply deposit a small sum to open your account with us and we’ll handle the work as it comes in with overnight delivery guaranteed for documents under 200 words. At the end of your project, we’ll refund the unused balance in full.

I don’t roll an open retainer balance over from month-to-month. However, if there is an open balance at the end of the month, I will search the Korean-language news for business intelligence related to your company, field, competitors, or other topics/keywords you’ve provided me. From this, I will prepare and send you an English report summarizing that information in the first week of the following month. The effort on this business report will be in proportion to the amount of your unused balance. This way, you will always get full value for your retainer, even in months that you do not otherwise use up your budget. On my monthly invoice to you, I will itemize the services provided. Retainer services are provided month-to-month and may be cancelled at any time.

Payment terms

If you are a company registered with Dun & Bradstreet, my terms are net 30 days with a company purchase order.

If you are not registered with Dun & Bradstreet, you can conveniently pay in advance by check, bank transfer or by credit card through the PayPal button on our web site.

I look forward to supporting you with high-quality Korean translation services. My rates for Korean translation aren’t “negotiable” in the sense that I charge less just because you ask me nicely. However, I realize that my rates are at the higher end of the market and it is important to me that you receive as much value as I can provide (which may be more than you realize). Therefore, I am prepared to customize a billing approach and rate structure that works for your unique needs. Let me know what your Korean translation needs are so we can discuss.