Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to your questions about choosing the best translator for your Korean translation project.

I might be the best Korean translator for your Korean translation project… Or I might not. The questions and answers below can help you understand my approach to working. However, the best way to find out more is to contact me to discuss your needs and/or get a quote.


  • Accurate and well-written translation
  • Transparent pricing with discount options
  • Guaranteed, on-time delivery
  • Thorough confidentiality of all materials
  • Easy accessibility, communication, and personal service before, during, and after your project

Get answers to your questions about Korean translation.

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    How can I know if you are the best Korean translator for my Korean translation project?

    I’ve been in this business for a long time and I have established a reputation at an expert Korean technical translation. I do my best on every job and only accept work that I am qualified to handle. In fact, I back up my work with my “Consistently Good Work” Pledge. I don’t do free samples, but I would be more than happy to handle a small project first, so that you can see the quality of my work before you entrust a larger task to me.

    Are your Korean translations certified?

    Yes, for an additional fee, I can prepare and mail you a hard copy of a notarized certification of your translation.

    How much do your Korean translation services cost?

    Each Korean translation project is different, and project price depends on a wide range of factors. Therefore, I will need to see your document (by e-mail, fax or hard copy) and learn a few additional details about your project before providing a quote. I offer significant discounts for large documents and ongoing retainer-based work. I also provide an overview of the pricing approaches I offer.

    Will you use a computer program to translate my translation project or does a real person do it?

    Machine translation software is useful for providing the gist of a block of foreign-language text. However, the quality is poor due to the intrinsic complexity of human language. This is even true for the latest machine translation output, which may seem to read smoothly, but is often riddled with errors. 

    On the other hand, machine translation is not the only way technology involved in the process. I use computer-aided translation tools to improve quality, consistency, and sometimes, speed (i.e. to bring down your cost). I will not simply machine-translation your work sight-unseen, but I will make use of industry-leading technology to deliver you the best value that I can.

    My document for translation is confidential? How can I be sure it will stay that way after I send it to you?

    I have handled many confidential projects. Rest assured that I maintain the highest standards of confidentiality on every document that is sent to me. (This even extends to your use of this website, which is based on my privacy and site policies.) Your file or hard copy will only be seen on a need-to-know basis by my team, and I will be glad to back this promise up by signing your non-disclosure agreement, too.

    Your price is lower/higher than some of your competitors. Why is this? Are you really the best Korean translator for my Korean translation project?

    Because I specialize only in Korea and the Korean-language, my rates are competitive among quality providers. General translation agencies that handle many different languages subcontract nearly every project to freelancer translators and single-language agencies. Because their prices are generally quite high (or else they keep their costs down by using cut-rate translators), they are really only able to add significant value on multilingual projects. Therefore, if you only need Korean translation and want to work personally with an expert translator, then I may be the best Korean translator for your Korean translation project since can provide a higher level of personal service to you at a reasonable price point.

    On the other hand, I am not the cheapest supplier in the market. However, the quality of my work is second to none and I stand behind it in meaningful ways.

    We need this document translated quickly! How fast can you do it?

    I can provide quick turnaround on just about any project, if necessary. While I am often able to deliver 2–3 day turnaround even at standard rates, rush charges may apply in exceptional circumstances. Contact me with information about your project and I’ll be glad to discuss whether I will be the best Korean translator to handle your job.

    Do you handle small, personal jobs?

    Yes, I do. Just email me your file and I will be glad to quote you a reasonable price.

    I have a super easy question that won’t take but a moment. Will you do it for free?

    No, I won’t. Even small jobs often turn out to involve more effort than expected. These tasks incur legal responsibility on my part, and interrupt my business day. “Free” also doesn’t respect the effort I’ve made over many years to develop my expertise. Due to the many requests I get for such work, I don’t handle small Korean translation project jobs for free. If it’s important, then you should be prepared to pay, or to find someone else that can support you in a volunteer capacity.

    Don’t forget though that I provide a lot of free information through my newsletter and weblog. You can sign up for the newsletter and review the weblog articles on this website.

    Do you work by yourself? Are you a sole-proprietorship or a corporation?

    I am the president of Korean Consulting & Translation Service, Inc., a Texas-based corporation. Therefore, I engage in all legal contracts of the company in my capacity as president. However, as the only full-time employee of my company, it is my skills, experiences, and knowledge that deliver the value to clients. I personally translate Korean on all of the Korean>English projects that my company handles. To translate English to Korean, I work with an expert team in Korea, and my role in that work is as project and quality manager.

    What subject domains do you translate?

    I work in technical translation domains. This means that my team and I do not translate literary content, such as books and poems. Instead, we focus on high-impact technical Korean translation, mainly for attorneys/lawyers, businesses/companies, and investors, as well as for individuals on personal jobs and clients in the medical field. Specifically, I have categorized my Korean translation services into several subject domains, including financial, legal, business, academic & scientific, medical, and personal.

    Do you offer Korean-language services other than translation

    Yes, I do. My Korean business intelligence reporting service is one example. Contact me with your specific needs and I’ll be glad to discuss my capabilities, or even refer you to someone else who does provide the support you need. I host several other websites with more Korea- and Korean-related information.