Korean Translation Processes

Premium Korean translation requires a complete, best-practices work process.

I do not cut corners with my premium Korean translation service.

I personally translate every Korean-to-English project that I handle, and I do with a three-pass approach.

For the English-to-Korean translation jobs I process with my team in Korea, we include a subject-matter expert on translation, my trusted colleague on editing, and then I am involved at both the preparatory and final QA stages.

Read below the photo for details on the processes we follow, so that you can decide if your work is important enough to follow all of these steps, always aiming for perfection.

Contact me if you’d like a quote, or would just like to discuss your project.

“I have had the opportunity to utilize Steven at Korean Consulting for several personal translations. Korean Consulting is not the first translation service I have used, but it is by far the best. Their service, speed and accuracy of the translations are far superior to any other service.”

James Horner (Saudia Arabia)

Old Mokpo from Nojeok Hill
Photo by Steven S. Bammel

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