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Official legal documents for immigration

I am frequently called on to translate personal legal documents of Koreans for a wide range of civil matters required overseas. I offer certification and notarization, and even, as necessary, hard copy delivery by mail or courier.

Korean birth certificates

I occasionally translate true Korean birth certificates. However, what are often called “Korean birth certificates” are actually other documents going by a variety of names, including registered copies of family register (and variants such as extracts of family register, records of family register removals, both very old hand-written ones and those typed up before the records were computerized in 2004), family relationship certificates (also variants, such as basic relationship certificates and marriage relationship certificates).

Korean police reports

Non-Koreans working through visa paperwork after having lived in Korea for an extended period of time often need a Korean police report translated to show that they have lived uprightly during their time in Korea.

I have translated hundreds of these over the years. Not once are my translations accepted by the immigration agencies of destination country, but my translations are never kicked back for corrections. With my certified translation, you can be confident that the translation of Korean birth documents will achieve its purpose.

Korean support documentation for other civil matters

Overseas Koreans often must present and translate documents from their life in Korea evidencing qualifications and financial adequacy.

Korean driver’s licenses

In some jurisdictions, persons from abroad wishing to get a local driver’s license without taking a new driver’s license exam need to provide their foreign driver’s license and a certified translation of it. 

Korean educational certificates

Koreans wishing to attend US universities overseas, or get a job while living outside Korea, may need to provide proof of previous educational attainment. Documents for this include high-school and college diplomas, vocational certificates and even grade school records (usually for admission to grade school in the destination country).

I have been translating legal documents like these for Koreans overseas for many years. I deliver excellent work and certify my translations.