Korean Translation Clients

My Korean translation clients understand the value of good work.

I provide Korean translation services to a wide range of client types.

While I focus mainly on multinational companies, international organizations, multilingual translation agencies, attorneys, and investment firms, I also work with academics, CROs, and even individuals.

Read below the photo for details on the types of clients I work with. And if you’re ready to discuss your Korean translation project, contact me for a quote.

“Thank you so much, Steven.  As always, the response was quick, and one of our Korean contacts abroad says that the piece reads extremely well. Wonderful job…again!  Thanks for the good work! Kindest regards,”

Carlos Navarro, Marketing Manager, US Food Division, Eurofins Scientific, Inc. (Testing Laboratories – Des Moines, IA)

Chillak Peak
Photo by Steven S. Bammel

Heuksan Island, Climb to Bandal Peak (13 of 22)o

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