Premium Korean-to-English Document Translation

Understand Korean information accurately and clearly with professional Korean-to-English document translation.

Approximate rate range: US$0.18–0.32/English word

Actual translation rates vary based on project requirements. Visit Rates & Pricing for further details, including discounts for retainer, monthly and large-job billing; hourly and minimum charges; additional available currencies and billing units; and other potential rate adjustments.

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Olivier Beltrami, Owner, Alter Ego Services (Software and Data Consulting Company – France)

Fields and documents I translate


I translate a wide range of Korean financial documents into English, including corporate financial statements, tax returns, articles from the Korean financial press, bank statements, all types of financial certificates, financial press releases by the Korean government and Korean corporations, and many others.

My Korean-to-English document translation services cover corporate registrations, contracts and other business agreements (including those related to real estate, investment, business transactions, and intellectual property), patents and copyright registrations, Korean laws and regulations, Korean court decisions, and legal briefs and complaints.


Over the years, I have translated thousands of corporate emails, business receipts, business articles, case studies, and business reports. My experience extends to translation of Korean RFQ and RFP materials, corporate whistleblower reports, marketing materials for (and even back-translations of) newsletters, advertising, and other corporate communications. Clients come to me as well for corporate product materials such as imported product labeling, warning labels, user manuals, and customer and employee survey responses.


I have translated Korean academic and professional degrees and certifications, as well as academic articles in the fields of management and finance.


Medical records and receipts, clinical trial materials (mainly back-translations of consent forms and forward translations of official government and IRB communications and audits), health insurance documentation, and insurance adjuster reports are all within the scope of my Korean-to-English document translation services.

Official records

I am frequently called upon to translate Korean family documents, including family census registers (호적등본, aka “Korean birth certificate”) in both the old and new formats (basic certificate, family relationship certificate, marriage relationship certificate), as well as personal letters, video dialogue, and even online game content.

Types of clients I often work with

Translation agencies

Translation agencies make up the bulk of my Korean-to-English document translation business, with regular clients sending me all of their materials for translation in a wide range of technical fields and document types.


I work with attorneys involved in international legal cases on both legal and business-related documents, and especially in connection with litigation. Smaller family matters, including divorce and adoption, also result Korean translation needs at times.


Non-Korean companies doing business — or intending to do business — in Korea need correct and idiomatic translations of the many Korean legal and business documents and other communication they deal with in business. My support for these types of documents makes up a major chunk of the Korean-to-English document translation work I perform.


I support (mostly non-Korean) investors in the Korean securities markets, as well as in the corporate sector, with English translation of the Korean materials they need to understand in order to reach their investment goals.

Korean companies and public organizations

Korean clients trust me with their marketing collateral, customer and investor newsletters, and other materials they prepare in Korean but need to publish in English for an overseas audience.

Multinational organizations

I have worked for well-known multinational organizations that focus on international economic and financial issues, translating press releases and other reports related to the Korean economy and financial sector.


I am glad to hear from individuals with Korean-to-English document translation needs, both large and small. Though the main focus of my work is on business and finance matters, I also support individuals on personal matters. These include documents such as Korean vital documents (especially “Korean birth certificates”), as well as driver’s licenses, police reports, college diplomas, awards, and the like, into English, often for visa and other immigration purposes.

My Korean-to-English document translation work process

I personally translate every Korean document I am entrusted with; I do not subcontract Korean-to-English document translation jobs. This means that I am your personal translator on your project and you will have direct access to my expertise and support throughout the process. The following is a quick run-down of my service strengths (taken from my longer article, The Top 10 Traits of a Korean-to-English Translator).

Quality first

  • Fluent language ability in both English and Korean
  • Excellent writing skills
  • Subject matter expertise in business and finance
  • High-level use of the latest technology
  • Familiarity with both Western and Korean cultures
  • Strong analytical capabilities
  • Perfectionist mindset

Quick delivery

Reasonable and transparent pricing

Excellent service

  • Prompt and thorough communication
  • Reliable adherence to deadlines
  • Respect for confidentiality