Korean Product and Process Documentation

Premium translation of all kinds of documentation for products and processes of Korean business

The Korean economy has grown rapidly on the back of its manufacturing sector. Starting with light manufacturing in the 1960, government efforts in the 1970s and 1980s were particularly strong in chemicals, steel and automobiles. Today, Korean companies are still leaders in traditional heavy industries, but have also jumped ahead in semiconductors, telecommunications, medical devices and other advanced manufacturing. For these reasons, there is a steady demand for translation of Korean product documents in these and other fields, and I frequently translate content in the following major document categories.

Korean Product and Process Documentation Translation

Korean product documentation

Documentation for Korean products comes in a variety of forms. I translate product specifications, user manuals, and materials safety data sheets (MSDS) for many different Korean products. In addition, I also work with product marketing materials (both in written and multimedia formats) and web pages describing Korean products. While I may not be familiar with your field or the specific products (or services!) you are working with, I have a strong background for translation. If necessary, I’ll prepare a draft glossary of terms for you to review and correct with appropriate industry terminology. I’ll also get valuable context from the content itself so that the final document I deliver will meet your needs in every way.

Legal compliance and process documentation

Another type of product documentation is the many types of legal compliance content that accompanies the processes of doing business with Korean companies. Companies in Europe and North American frequently request translations of product labeling, import/export-related certifications and approvals, as well as communications between Korean companies and their overseas counterparts about the many different aspects of business. Finally, though generally categorized under legal translation, supply contracts (both for products and services) would be critical documents for translation in the process of dealing in products, whether exporting to Korea or importing from Korea. Such legal agreements may also include appendices with a lot of technical product information where accuracy of translation is critical.

Requests for proposal (RFP), requests for quotation (RFQ) and proposals

As a rule, public Korean organizations putting large-scale product and service purchased out for tender require that all project-related documentation be in Korean. Therefore, if non-Korean companies wish to participate in these competitive tenders, they must first have them translated from Korean to English for understanding, and then translate their proposals back to Korean. It is critically important that the translations be of high quality. While I personally translate all translation projects from Korean to English myself, I work with an excellent team in Korean for high-quality translation of proposals, business presentations and other related documents back to English.