Korean Product and Process Documentation

Accurately translate all kinds of Korean product and process documentation related to doing business in Korea.

Doing business in Korea involves working with product and process documentation of all types. These materials include everything from product user manuals and material data safety sheets to legal compliance filings, RFQ/RFPs, and business correspondence.

I have worked on these materials for decades, including during several years as an in-house editor/translator for LG International Corp. in Seoul. Based on this experience and my advanced language and translation skills, I will ensure your materials are translated correctly on-time the first time!


  • Work directly with your Korean translator!
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  • Transparent pricing with discount options
  • Guaranteed, on-time delivery
  • Thorough confidentiality of all materials
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Do business effectively in Korea with end-to-end translation support for all your multi-lingual business processes.

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“Korean Consulting has helped Trek Bicycle Corporation with our translation needs in Korea on multiple times over the last few years. We used their services from the initial company setup phase through to ongoing business operations. They quickly understood our business requirements and were able to provide qualified and knowledgeable translators.“

Philip McGlade, Asia Pacific Director, Trek Bicycle Corporation

Product documentation

Documentation for Korean products comes in a variety of forms. I provide high-quality Korean-to-English translation of product specifications, user manuals, and materials safety data sheets (MSDS) for Korean products of all types. I also work with product marketing materials (both in written and multimedia formats) and web pages describing Korean products.

On the flip side, my team in Korea and I translate these same types of documents from English to Korean. We typically work on these for foreign clients selling their products and services into the Korean market.

I have a strong background in technical translation, including content in many industry and technology fields. I also follow best practices throughout the work process. For example, before I start the work, I often prepare a project glossary for the client to review and edit. This ensures I use industry or company terminology that provides the best comprehension experience for the client. Diligent research and cooperation ensure that the product and process documentation translations I deliver meet client expectations in every way.

Korean legal compliance and process materials

In addition to the documentation describing specific products and processes, doing business in Korea also involves a variety of legal compliance and process content. For example, when communicating with Korean public agencies, you may need to draft your correspondence in Korean, and the Korean-language responses they send to you may also require translation back to English.

Non-Korean companies from around the world frequently request translations of product labeling, import/export-related certifications, and medical device filings and approvals. I sometimes work on communications between Korean companies and overseas buyers/sellers when it becomes difficult to work through complex issues without translation support.

Finally, legal agreements of all types (such as supplier agreements, technology-transfer agreements, lease agreements, etc.) form the basis for a variety of business relationships, whether exporting to Korea or importing from Korea. While the main agreements may focus on standard legal terms, appendices often include technical product information where the accuracy of translation is critical.

Requests for proposal (RFP), requests for quotation (RFQ), as well as quotations and proposals

Korean organizations of all types putting large-scale product and service purchases out for tender usually do so with RFPs and RFQs in Korean. They also require that the returning quotations and proposals be submitted in Korean. This is particularly true when working with the Korean government.

Therefore, if you want to bid on competitive tenders, you may need to first have the RFP/RFQ translated to English. This way you and your team can prepare your proposal. You may also need to have your proposal translated to Korean. Because the stakes are high, it is critically important that the translation work be accurate.

I deliver excellent work at both the Korean-to-English translation stage of the work, as well as the English-to-Korean step. Once the project gets underway, I may continue to stay involved, as needed, ensuring that language issues never get in the way of your business progress.

Contact a professional Korean translator for Korean product and process documentation

I have translated hundreds of Korean product and process documents to English, as well as Korean legal compliance materials. Working together, my team and I have also handled hundreds more from English to Korean. I understand the Korean business and economic landscape, and the legal, regulatory, and financial systems. Make sure your Korean translations of these critical business documents are correct. Work with a Korean translator having the experience, knowledge, and skills to deliver excellent work every time.

I look forward to supporting you on your business translation needs in Korea on Korean product and process documentation.