Korean Financial and Accounting Translation

Entrust your important Korean financial translation needs to a proven and safe pair of hands.

I provide a comprehensive approach to best-practice Korean financial translation. Because the monetary stakes are high, accuracy is critical. I work quickly when deadlines are short. You will also appreciate the idiomatic phrasings and correct terminology I use, which help you absorb important information easily. Needless to say, I keep your materials confidential at all times. Finally, as a Korean financial translator with subject-matter expertise in the fields of Korean finance and business, I am always available to share what I know as it relates to your work.

Count on me to help you understand Korean documents and communicate your message more effectively to Koreans.

I provide best-practice Korean financial translation services.

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Financial documents I translate

Achieve a high return on your investment in Korean financial translation.

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“Whenever I’ve been confronted with the dilemma of having Korean documents that need to be translated in a prompt manner, often times at the last minute, I have always turned to Steven. He has come through every time, providing me fast, reliable service at a reasonable price. I will be using him next time for sure! Thanks Steven!”

Stephanie Furr (Investment Firm – New York, New York)

Financial statements, audit reports and tax statements of all kinds

The audited financial statements of Korean companies contain critical information about corporate financial position and activities. However, financial concepts are not easy to understand, and the terminology is highly specialized. Therefore, to translate Korean financial statements competently, a financial Korean translator needs a strong understanding of how Korean companies operate. In addition, a competent Korean translator must be familiar with the terminology of accounting and financial instruments, as well as the business fields of the company.

As a Korean financial translator, I have produced English translations of many Korean financial statements so that my clients can understand the operations of Korean companies of interest. I have also done so in Korean legal translation settings. Contact me to translate Korean to English for you.

“Steven and his team could not have been more helpful.  The project was completed on time, professionally, and efficiently.  Steven was extremely responsive and clearly cared about the success of the project.  I can recommend Steven and his team without hesitation.”

Win Browning, Fore Research & Management, LP (New York, NY)

Financial analysis on Korean companies, as well as reports in the Korean financial press

Most of the news published through the Korean financial press and in-depth analyses on Korean companies is written in Korean. Because I am a financial Korean translator, I can give you quick and easy “English” access to these articles and reports. I usually provide my high-quality Korean financial and Korean business translation services by translating materials clients send me. However, I can also search for and find the critical information that you need. If you hire me to do so, I will research and report on specific financial trends, companies, financial vehicles or whatever other information you require. In fact, this is a core element of my Korean business intelligence service. Thus, whatever your information needs, I will provide you with professional Korean translation of financial analysis and reports on Korean companies, and other aspects of the Korean business and financial sectors.

“Great help. Perfect balance of professionalism and personality that resulted with all parties being able to converse openly and sincerely. Would use this service again.”

Richard Leon (Chief Financial Officer, Altium Limited – Belrose, Australia)

Investment proposals to Korean investors

Korean investors with deep pockets are looking for investment opportunities around the world. As a result, my team and I often provide Korean to English translation of marketing materials from Western private-equity and other investment funds into Korean. We also handle materials for municipal, county, and state governments outside Korea working to attract investments by Korean multinational firms. These Korean-language translations allow our clients to present effectively to Korean investors, especially Korean sovereign funds and Korean conglomerates such as Samsung, LG, and Hyundai.

However, such presentations (especially sections on investment strategy and that reflect local culture and conditions) cover complicated topics. Thanks to my expertise as a Korean financial translator and native English fluency, I understand the key concepts. I also know how to communicate those ideas effectively. Working together, my team in Korea and I translate difficult financial content correctly and clearly. Therefore, contact me for high-quality translation from English into Korean of your investment presentations and other IR materials.

“Thanks, Steven. Cards were received. They are very nice and I will recommend your service to others. With kindest regards.”

International M&A Advisor

Contact a professional Korean financial translator for your Korean translation needs

Whatever your needs for financial Korean translation, I will quote you a reasonable price for a top-quality Korean translation of your documents. As a technical Korean translator, I can also provide you with Korean business information and intelligence on financial topics related to Korea. Therefore, let me know if you have other needs, too; I will be glad to discuss.