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Korean business translation serves all kinds of business needs

Korean business translation covers a wide range of content, and defining the scope of the business translation domain is difficult. This is because most apparently non-business documents for translation by a Korean business translator still relate indirectly to business and business needs.

For example, translation of a Korean legal agreement between companies is usually commissioned for a business purpopse. Even Korean scientific documents (such as patents or academic journal articles) and Korean product and process documentation can only be translated professionally in the context of adequate financial justification.

I work as a Korean business translator specializing in high-quality translation of Korean business documents, Korean legal documents, and Korean financial documents. Because of the work I handle, I must know or learn about specific subject-matter fields. This is in addition to the basic business content, which I am highly qualified to translate from Korean to English.

korean business translation
A professional Korean business translator must be reliable, fast, and accurate on all types of Korean business translation work.

Korean Business correspondence

Translation of ongoing correspondence in the process of doing business with Korean companies

Are you corresponding with contacts in Korea on ongoing business work or negotiations? I can support you on the back-and-forth emails with your counterparts in Korea. My Korean business translation support will get your communications flowing smoothly again. Not only will my team and I translate the messages coming to you from Korea, we will also translate your responses back into Korean. For ongoing work on a retainer basis, we even give this work our highest priority. My background in Korean business (including in the LG Group, as well as with many small business and with Korean business organizations) makes me uniquely qualified for these documents.

Legal discovery in international litigation involving Korean companies

I often translate Korean business correspondence under the discovery process in international litigation. These documents are used for legal purposes, but the nature of the content is typically business-related, as well as technical. For example, I occasionally receive hundreds, or even thousands, of internal emails from Korean companies that need to be translated. I have a deep understanding of how Korean companies work (including Korean company decision-making protocol). As a result, my Korean business translations clearly and correctly communicate the business meanings of the original writers so that my legal clients can prosecute their cases.

Business presentations and other marketing materials in Korean

Business marketing is an important category of Korean business translation. My team translates these essential business documents from English into Korean to achieve the business purposes of our clients. We also work with many different formats. Files in Microsoft Office are the most straightforward, but we also process desktop publishing and multimedia formats with skill. In the process, we keep a watchful eye out for culturally problematic content that may need to be adapted to Korean requirements. This ensures that our translations into Korean communicate effectively and don’t cause offence in the Korean market.

Surveys and questionnaires for Korean clients, partners, and other users

Western companies that do business in Korea must get feedback from Korean customers, suppliers, and other partners in order to fine-tune business strategy. In order to maximize the value of this exercise and encourage respondent participation, it is essential that the entire process be localized into Korean. I provide a round-trip service on this type of Korean business translation work. First, I work with my translation team in Korea to translate client surveys and questionnaires into Korean. Then, after those surveys come back from the respondents, I translate the Korean responses back to English. I am always careful to take into account business and other market-context factors in order to communicate exactly the information my clients need so that they can benefit from the process.

Corporate ethics manuals and whistle-blower reports

Today, corporate ethics and compliance forms a significant portion of the Korean business translation work we handle. My team and I work on content related to discrimination in hiring, personal data protection, insider trading and bribery, and many other similar topics. Through long experience, we have built up strong understandings and skills in translating this content. Based on this, our translation into Korean of corporate ethics and compliance materials is second to none.

In addition, I frequently receive whistle-blower reports by Korean employees of multinational companies. These brave individuals contact the company through its ethics hotline to report issues the company should address. As a business Korean translator, I translate these with a deep cultural sensitivity grounded in my knowledge about the Korean business world. My work ensures clients understand the related situations clearly and can take prompt and appropriate action.

Korean business cards

Business cards are a critical tool in Korean business. I’ve written extensively on Korean business cards. I’ve also instructed hundreds of clients on the correct use of business cards in Korean business culture. Business cards can be tricky, especially job titles. I take all factors into account to provide clients with Korean translation of business cards that achieve their purposes in Korean business.

You will not find a better-qualified Korean business translator for your Korean business translation needs. I have worked 20+ years in Korea in the business and translation fields. Let me help you fully understand and communicate critical Korean business information throughout your work with Koreans.