Korean Business Document Translation

Boost your bottom line with high-quality Korean translation of your difficult, mission-critical business documents.

Approximate rate ranges:
Premium Korean>English translation: US$0.18–0.32/English word
Premium English>Korean translation: US$0.18–0.32/English word
Budget Korean>English translation: US$0.09–0.16/English word

Actual translation rates vary based on project requirements. Visit Rates & Pricing for further details, including discounts for retainer, monthly and large-job billing; hourly and minimum charges; additional available currencies and billing units; and other potential rate adjustments.

“Hi Steven, You guys did great. The materials were sent to our Korean agent and we haven’t heard any complaints so I assume they’ve been working for him. As far as anything that needs improvement, I can’t think of anything. You did everything we asked and did it well and for a very fair price. Thanks!”

Jessica Molina, Marketing Supervisor, Texas Service Life (Insurance Company – Austin, TX)

My experience and qualifications for Korean business translation work

High-quality Korean translation of business materials into English (and vice-versa) requires more than just a knowledge of Korean and English. A good Korean business translator must also be deeply knowledgeable about international business, especially business in Korea.

I have worked in the Korean corporate sector (LG International Corp.), consulted for a foreign-invested company association in Korea (Gyeonggi Provisional Government), started and operated my own businesses (Korean Consulting & Translation Service, Inc., Metis Financial Outsourcing, Inc.), hosted an online Korean-business community (Korea Business Central), and studied at the graduate level in business strategy in Korea (Hanyang University). Based on this background, I have further deepened my understanding of all things related to Korean business through the thousands of business documents I’ve translated for international and Korean clients over the past 20+ years.

I bring all of this knowledge and experience to every project I handle, delivering to my clients translations that are linguistically, culturally, and conceptually accurate. Often, I even provide clients with additional, related commentary on the finer points of Korean business that could impact their business decisions.

Types of business documents I can support you on

Business correspondence

Are you corresponding with business contacts or government agencies in Korea on ongoing business or business negotiations? Are you having trouble communicating with your Korean counterparts? Is there a lack of trust? Communication issues are a primary cause of distrust, and trust is often restored once all parties can communicate smoothly again.

By supporting you on the back-and-forth of emails you exchange with your Korean partners, I will help you get your message flowing smoothly. Not only will I translate emails and other messages coming to you from Korea, but my team and I can also translate your responses back into Korean. For ongoing work on a retainer basis, I give these tasks our highest priority at flat rates.

Marketing materials, including advertising collateral and business presentations

Business marketing content is an important category of Korean business translation. My team and I translate these essential business documents from English into Korean to help our clients sell their products and services.

In the process of translation, I keep a watchful eye out for culturally problematic content that we may need to adapt to your Korean audience. This extra effort ensures that our translations into Korean communicate effectively for you and don’t cause offense in the Korean market.

Business contracts and agreements are essential to business: everything from partnership agreements, supplier agreements, technology-transfer agreement and real estate sale and lease contracts to general terms of service and product warranties.

Not only can I translate these from Korean to English so that you know what you are signing before you sign, but my team and I are ready to support you with translation of English contracts and agreements into Korean to help you move your business forward.

Surveys and questionnaires for Korean clients, partners, employees, consumers, and other users

To fine-tune business strategy, clients doing business in Korea or with Koreans need feedback from Korean customers, suppliers, and other partners. Asking in Korean (rather than in English) is the most effective way to get honest, accurate, and complete information.

We can help you through the entire process, or just part of it. Not only can we translate your survey questions into Korean, but I’ll also translate the Korean responses back into perfect English once you hear back.

When doing this work, I am always careful to take into account business and other market-context factors so no meaning gets lost in the process. My goal is to give you exactly the information you need to make the right business decisions based on unfiltered information in the market.

Corporate ethics manuals, codes of conduct, and whistle-blower reports

Today, corporate ethics and compliance materials make up a significant portion of the Korean business translation work we handle. My team and I translate Korean content related to discrimination in hiring, personal data protection, insider trading and bribery, and many other related topics. We have built up strong understandings and skills in this type of content, and our translations into Korean of corporate ethics and compliance materials are second to none.

In addition, I am often sent whistle-blower reports submitted by Korean stakeholders of multinational companies, government agencies, and other organizations. As a Korean business translator, I handle these materials with a deep cultural sensitivity grounded in my knowledge of the Korean business world. My work ensures clients understand exactly what is being reported on so they can take prompt and appropriate action.

Professional Korean business card translation

Korean business cards are an important tool for business in Korea. My team and I have translated hundreds of business cards into Korean over the years. I’ve even written about Korean business card etiquette and instructed clients on the correct use of business cards in Korea.

Translating business cards into Korean can be tricky, especially job titles. Therefore, when I translate your business cards into Korean, I will ask you first about your organization’s hierarchy. I will then take all important factors into account in the translation. In this way, I will provide you with an accurate and culturally appropriate Korean translation of your English card.

Corporate records and other business certificates

I translate all kinds of Korean business documents into English. These include business registrations, corporate registries, certificates of seal impression, tax certificates of all types, export filings, food and other product labeling, and many others.

I’ll do an excellent job on any of these and other Korean business forms and deliver back to you a translated English document formatted to look just like the original Korean.

Selling a product in Korea? Let us translate your documentation into Korean. Bought a Korean product that somehow doesn’t have an adequate English-language manual? I can tell you what the Korean instructions says. I have handled many product and service manuals, product specifications, materials safety data sheets, product labeling, import/export-related certifications, government filings and approvals, and more over the years and will deliver to you a high-quality translation of the content you need translated.

Requests for proposal (RFP), requests for quotation (RFQ), as well as other quotations and proposals

Korean organizations of all types issue Korean-language RFPs and RFQs on large product and service procurements. To bid on these, you may first need to have these documents translated to English. so that you and your team can prepare your proposal. You may also require your proposal translated to Korean. Because the stakes are high, it is critically important that the translation be accurate.

Other important factors to consider on Korean business translation projects

Prompt and clear communications

International business takes place in real time and you can’t afford delays. You also need your work to proceed without a hitch, and without handholding; resending requests to correct miscommunications only wastes time and effort. I’m available to respond promptly almost all the time, and I don’t get confused with complicated instructions. I’ll also keep you updated fully on the progress of your work so you never have to wonder what is going on.

Translation excellence

My experience and qualifications for Korean business translation are exceptional. I am also careful in my work, and I do every Korean-to-English business translation job myself; I don’t outsource. On English-to-Korean translation projects, my team and I work together using a best-practice workflow that ensures consistent quality on every job.


Your business information belongs to you; I don’t mess around on this. If you have confidentiality requirements, send me your NDA. I’ll sign it and abide by the terms.


While Microsoft Office files are the most straightforward to work with, we also process desktop publishing and multimedia formats. Whatever the file type, I will deliver back to you a translation that is formatted to closely match the original document. If our translation will be used for publication, our delivery will be print-ready.