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I work as a Korean business translator specializing in the high-quality Korean translation of business documents. Having worked and studied in many Korean business settings over the last twenty-five years, I understand Korean business and Korean business culture from the inside out. With a strong business education and extensive Korean business experience in Korea, I am highly qualified to work on all types of business documents.

I will translate your documents correctly so that you can get and communicate the information you need to achieve your business goals.

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Business documents I translate

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“Many thanks! The great “customer service” will keep me as a client. Nice work! Thanks!!!!”

Bruce Mather (President of The Lap Belt Cinch, Inc. – Hockessin, DE)

Korean business correspondence

Are you corresponding with contacts in Korea on ongoing business or business negotiations? Are you having trouble communicating with your Korean counterparts? Is there a lack of trust? Communication issues are a primary cause of distrust, and trust is often restored once all parties can communicate smoothly again. By supporting you on the back-and-forth of emails you exchange with your Korean partners, I will help you get your message flowing smoothly again. Not only will I translate faxes and emails coming to you from Korea, my team and I will also translate your responses back into Korean. For ongoing work on a retainer basis, we give these tasks our highest priority at preferential rates.

“Hello Steven, Thank you for your follow-up email… Quick, 7/7 response, Delivery systematically earlier than promised… Very best regards”

Olivier Beltrami, Owner, Alter Ego Services (Software and Data Consulting Company – France)

Business presentations and other marketing materials

Business marketing content is an important category of Korean business translation. My team and I translate these essential business documents from English into Korean to help our clients achieve their business purposes (including financial Korean translation for clients preparing presentations to attract investments from Korea and other similar purposes). We also work in many different design formats. Files in Microsoft Office are the most straightforward, but we can also process desktop publishing and multimedia formats.

In the process of translation, I keep a watchful eye out for culturally problematic content that we may need to adapt to your Korean audience. This extra effort ensures that our translations into Korean communicate effectively for you and don’t cause offense in the Korean market.

“Hi Steven, You guys did great. The materials were sent to our Korean agent and we haven’t heard any complaints so I assume they’ve been working for him. As far as anything that needs improvement, I can’t think of anything. You did everything we asked and did it well and for a very fair price. Thanks!”

Jessica Molina, Marketing Supervisor, Texas Service Life (Insurance Company – Austin, TX)

Surveys and questionnaires for Korean clients, partners, and other users into Korean

Many international companies do business in Korea and provide services to Koreans around the world. To fine-tune business strategy, they must sometimes get feedback from Korean customers, suppliers, and other partners. Therefore, the best practice for maximizing the value of this effort and encourage respondent participation is to localize the entire process into Korean.

If you require this type of support, contact me for my “round-trip” service. First, we will accurately translate your client survey or questionnaire into Korean. Then, after those surveys have been distributed and returned, I will translate the Korean responses from your respondents into perfect English. I am always careful to take into account business and other market-context factors so no meaning gets lost in the process. My goal is to give you exactly the information you need so that you can make the right business decisions based on the unfiltered information in the market.

“Thanks for the quick turnaround. Our needs for translation are infrequent, but I will be happy to contact you again when we once again have the need, and will refer others to you as well. I don’t know if I’ll be contacting you again tomorrow, or if it will be months, but I just want to let you know we appreciate the quick response and quality of the translation. Thank you also for adding the translator’s note to the translation to add the perspective. Best of luck with your business.”

Paul Cantrell (Soluris Inc. – Concord, Massachusetts)

Corporate ethics manuals, codes of conduct, and whistle-blower reports into Korean

Today, corporate ethics and compliance materials form a significant portion of the Korean business translation work we handle. My team and I translate Korean content related to discrimination in hiring, personal data protection, insider trading and bribery, and many other similar topics. Through long experience, we have built up strong understandings and skills in translating this type of content. As a result, our translations into Korean of corporate ethics and compliance materials are second to none.

In addition, I frequently receive whistle-blower reports submitted by Korean employees of multinational companies. These reports submitted through the company ethics hotline (usually anonymously) report issues the company should address. As a Korean business translator, I translate these materials with a deep cultural sensitivity grounded in my knowledge of the Korean business world. My work ensures clients understand exactly what is being reported on so that they can take prompt and appropriate action.

“Hi Steven,… Our Korean HR director looked over everything and says it all looks good. Thank you very much for your accurate and timely services. I will recommend you to other people in our company. Thanks,”

Katherine Chapman, HR & Employee Development Representative at National Oilwell Varco (Cedar Park, Texas)

Professional Korean business card translation

Korean business cards are an important tool for doing business in Korea. My team and I have translated hundreds of business cards into Korean over the years. I’ve even written about Korean business card etiquette and instructed clients on the correct use of business cards in Korea. (In fact, my e-book on Korean business cards is one of the free resources in my Korean Business Tips Newsletter.)

Translating business cards into Korean can be tricky, especially job titles. Therefore, when I translate your business cards into Korean, I will ask you first about your organization’s hierarchy. I’ll then take all important factors into account in the translation. In this way, I will provide you with an accurate and culturally appropriate Korean translation of your English card.

“Steven, Just thought I’d say hello: I just got your latest advertisement. You made business cards for me many years ago on my very first visit to Korea. So this is a report that your cards were very useful. (I attach one as a reminder). At this point I am a frequent visitor to Korea and a professor (two months of the year) at KAIST, as in my signature below… Thanks for helping me get started.”

Don Norman (Nielsen Norman Group; Breed Professor of Design, Northwestern University; Co-Director MMM (MBA + MEM); Co-Director Segal Design Institute; Visiting Distinguished Professor, KAIST – Daejeon, Korea – www.jnd.org)

“My cards arrived today, and they are perfect. I appreciate the professional work and prompt service, and I will certainly recommend you to my friends and colleagues. Thank you.”

Marissa P. (High School Teacher – Philadelphia, PA)

“I received the cards. They are beautiful. Thank you again. The book is also much appreciated. Again, you have a terrific service. I will spread the word.”

Fritz H. (Sales Director – Wellesley, MA)

Hire an expert Korean business translator to maximize your Korean business translation outcomes

I am uniquely qualified as a technical Korean translator to meet your Korean business translation needs thanks to my long experience in Korea and in the Korean business and translation fields. I’ll help you understand and communicate critical Korean business information in your work in Korea and with Koreans everywhere.