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Do you have the Korean business intelligence you need to reach your objectives in Korea?

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Your success depends on having access to critical information.

You need Korean business intelligence to work with clients and business partners or to make investments in Korea. In fact, having the right Korean business information is essential just to find those clients, business partners, and investments. This means you must know about your market, including consumers and competitors—as well as the social, economic and political factors—that impact your work at a macro level. Depending on your field, the latest academic research, patents and industry journal articles may provide critical insights, too. What about popular culture? Weblogs, videos and other social media platforms are brimming with information, some of it useful.

Here are some reasons you might need business information about Korea.

  • To know what Korean users are saying on social media about your brand, and respond in a timely fashion
  • To know what your competitors are doing in the Korean market
  • To monitor the activities of your Korean distributors and resellers
  • To detect abuse of your brands and copyrights in Korea
  • To learn about relevant industry events and trends in Korea
  • To be aware of legal and regulatory changes in Korea that impact your business and investments
  • To know what research and technology developments are being discussed in academic journals and patents
  • To achieve other business, legal and financial purposes that you identify

English websites only contain a small fraction of the Korean business information available.

How do you access Korean business intelligence? Or even narrow your efforts down to the essentials? You can’t read all the information out there. At home, you probably feel comfortable with your ability to find and digest critical business intelligence. However, if you’re working in Korea or have Korean clients or investments—even a legal case to pursue against a Korean company—you may be frustrated at just how hard it is to get key information when you need it.

Fortunately, quite a bit of Korean business information is available in English. Here are some links to get you started.

General news

Business news and information

However, you’ll find that after you move past English resources like these—as well as some Korean government PR websites, perhaps marketing copy by Korean companies… maybe even articles by Western sources explaining about Korea—there’s just not a lot more Korean business intelligence available in English. This is especially true for information within specialized fields.

Therefore, if you rely only on the English-language media, you’ll never get past the surface and down to the critical insights that could give you an edge in your work.

Google Translate and your Korean associates may not be enough.

To go further, you might pull up Google Translate or ask a Korean colleague for help. But how far will that take you? Your Korean contacts are busy with other stuff; you might not even want them to know what’s really important to you at the moment. Google Translate is anonymous and never gets busy, but the technology only gives you the gist of the Korean business information you’re trying to absorb; it seldom provides a clear enough translation for a deep understanding.

Besides, language isn’t everything; Korean culture, history and other factors making up the social context further obstruct an easy understanding in business, investment and legal situations.

Your Korean friends and associates might provide useful and critical insights at times. They can explain about Korean culture and shed light on confusing issues. But they’re coming from a different perspective and often won’t really know how to explain—or even want to explain—the circumstances surrounding the Korean business intelligence you need.

In fact, you’ve got other things to do, too. Your connection with Korea may not be based on any particular interest in Korea or Koreans; you’re focused on your business, your legal matter, your investment. How much time and drive do you have to chase down, study, learn, and contemplate the Korean business information available to you?

Self-service is a hassle! And the opportunity costs of all that wasted time and effort are not cheap.

Get the specific Korean business intelligence you need quickly.

You’ll be working blind in Korea if you can’t access the critical information you need. But obtaining that information in a form you understand is hard. Is there a solution to this dilemma?

Yes, there is.

My Korean business intelligence briefing service gets you the information you need, when you need it. Having provided clients with Korean business information for many years, I’ve translated thousands of documents, summarized countless articles, tracked down loads of information and explained about Korean business and culture to hundreds of people.

Tell me about your business and the key Korean business information you need so I can track it down.

What products and investments are you interested in? What industry and technology trends impact your business in Korea? Are there companies you need to know about? Does recent industry news impact your business? Give me a detailed rundown.

Based on your requested schedule and budget, I’ll scour the Internet (including, as necessary, social media, academic databases, the Korean patent office index and others) with the keywords and other guidelines you’ve given me and find articles, blog posts, videos and whatever else may be relevant to you. If you need information not easily available online, I can even mobilize my network in Korea to search for offline Korean business information, too.

As I gather the data, I’ll organize it into an English-language executive report format. When I translate or summarize the materials, I’ll be on the lookout for cultural and linguistic points that might otherwise be confusing, or that could give you a deeper understanding of your situation. As I search, I’ll find other related information, and flag that for you.

After you receive my report, review the information and give me feedback. Tell me what was most useful. Or what wasn’t particularly relevant. Is there anything you need me to look at more closely? Your feedback ensures that each report is more helpful to you than the one before.

I work and improve fast. My costs are reasonable.

On-demand approach

If you don’t require ongoing support and just want a one- or two-time delivery, you can order my Korean business intelligence reports as needed. These usually come to about 30-45 minutes of billable time per page, which is somewhat more than you’ll pay with the retainer approach. (View my current rates.)

For easy-to-find information (meaning I can find it reliably with keywords on Google), the costs for my Korean business intelligence reports come in at less than regular translation rates. The reason is that summarizing Korean business information is a quicker process than standard translation, where I check and recheck my work for perfection. These reports are of a fast, draft quality, but I’ve been doing this long enough that my work is still of far higher quality than anything you’ll get from Google Translate. Thus, with some topics, I can produce around 6,000 words (about 20 pages) of Korean business intelligence in about 10 hours of billable work. Over time, I usually become even more efficient at finding and translating the information you need.

Retainer approach

My Korean business intelligence reports are usually part of an ongoing monthly retainer-based package for clients with ongoing language support requirements. Under this approach, I handle whatever translation and consulting tasks you need during the month at reduced retainer-based hourly or per-word rates, and I do so on a priority basis.

Need quick translation of an email from Korea? No problem. Did something happen today in the your field in Korea? I’m on it. Want to know what a Korean contract, some bank records or other materials say? I translate these types of materials on a daily basis. In fact, we can even set up a phone call with screen-sharing to browse Korean websites together. I’ll sight-translate information for you in real-time.

During the month, charges for services on retainer are deducted from the outstanding balance at the discounted retainer rates until the balance reaches zero and then billed additionally at the discounted retainer rates for further services requested during the month.

If there is an open balance at the end of the month (or if you authorize additional work), I will then use the remaining time in the budget for your Korean business intelligence report. This way, you always get full value for your payment. Even in months that your in-demand needs are low, the Korean business intelligence reports fill in the gap.

I work for you, and do so with full confidentially.

I will do everything I can to get you the information you need about your work in Korea! Everything in the report is belongs to you; I will not disclose the information to anyone other than to you.