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Korean academic and industry scientists are pushing the boundaries of scientific learning into new areas. Though some of this work is published in English, most Korean research is still available only in Korean. For this reason, Korean academic and scientific translators play an important role in opening up wider access to this rich body of knowledge.

With a bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of Texas at Arlington and a masters degree in management strategy from Hanyang University in Korea, I am now finishing up my PhD dissertation from Hanyang University, expecting to graduate in 2020. My background makes me uniquely qualified as a translator of Korean academic and scientific texts. Though I am a subject-matter expert in economics, finance, and business, I often work in other fields, too. Based on diligent terminology research during the translation process, I produce high-quality translations of Korean academic and scientific content for clients around the world.

This page describes my work as a Korean academic and scientific translator on several types of documents, including the following:

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Sancheong City to Sungsimwon
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Along Section 6 of the Chirisan Doollae-Gil (1 of 7)

“…Steven’s responses to my questions were always thoughtful and prompt. He delivered more than I expected. For example, our contract specified that he would compile 50 Korean contact names and addresses; he sent along 243 — without demanding more money than we originally agreed. I was delighted to learn of other services he offered to further tap into the dynamic higher education market in Korea. We look forward to continuing to work with Korean Consulting. I’d recommend them without hesitation.”

Cheryl Darrup-Boychuck, CEO (U.S. Journal of Academics – Mount Carmel, PA)

Thanks for the prompt, professional service. This was a big help to us!

Brian S. Rodgers (MA, LPC, NCC, Associate Dean of Residential Life, Indian Springs School – Indian Springs, Alabama)

Korean journal articles and other scientific research reports

The Korean academic and scientific literature is especially strong in electronics, telecommunications, automobiles, industrial chemicals, construction, and semiconductors. As a result, I have translated Korean academic and scientific papers and reports on all of these topics. I handle a lot of medical and social science papers (including papers in economics and finance), as well.

Though my primary clients in the field of Korean academic and scientific translation are non-Korean academics and companies needing access to Korean research, I also work with Korean academics. Because Korean researchers receive more recognition for publishing English-language articles in international journals than they do if they publish only in Korea, Korean scientists with especially high-quality research commission me to translate their papers to English. I use my skills in statistical analysis and academic writing to translate these scientific Korean documents into field-appropriate English.

“Steven, Just thought I’d say hello: I just got your latest advertisement. You made business cards for me many years ago on my very first visit to Korea. So this is a report that your cards were very useful. (I attach one as a reminder). At this point i am a frequent visitor to Korea and a professor (two months of the year) at KAIST, as in my signature below… Thanks for helping me get started.”

Don Norman (Nielsen Norman Group; Breed Professor of Design, Northwestern University; Co-Director MMM (MBA + MEM); Co-Director Segal Design Institute; Visiting Distinguished Professor, KAIST – Daejeon, Korea – www.jnd.org)

Korean masters theses and doctoral dissertations

Graduate-level students in Korea publishing theses and dissertations in Korean must also include English abstracts with their deliveries. An abstract is a summary of the main points of the paper. However, poorly written English abstracts that don’t read naturally–or even communicate properly–greatly detract from the potential these papers have to make a wider impact. Over the years as a Korean academic translator, I have translated many abstracts for Korean students. I have also done so for non-Korean readers who can’t understand the original English abstracts published with some Korean papers. I welcome inquiries from anyone who needs to understand critical information from Korean academic papers of all types.

The translation went over well. I will be in touch with more work in the near future.”

Travis Murray (British International School Shanghai – Shanghai, China)

Korean patent translation

For more information on my patent translation services, visit my page specifically covering Korean patent translation.

“Thank you so much, Steven.  As always, the response was quick, and one of our Korean contacts abroad says that the piece reads extremely well. Wonderful job…again!  Thanks for the good work! Kindest regards,”

Carlos Navarro, Marketing Manager, US Food Division, Eurofins Scientific, Inc. (Testing Laboratories – Des Moines, IA)

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Regardless of why you need Korean academic and scientific translation services, I am here to support you as a technical Korean translator. My background in Korean academia (and familiarity with Korean scientific research in the corporate sector, as well) supports me in providing high-quality work. As a Korean academic translator and a Korean scientific translator, I understand the academic and scientific processes and deliver excellent work every time.