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Expert translation of Korean academic papers and Korean scientific reports

Koreans are known for academic success abroad. In Korea, Koreans also boast of an extremely high university graduation rate. Today, Korea is a leader in many fields as Korean scientists push the boundaries of scientific learning into new areas. As a result, the demand for Korean academic translation and Korean scientific translation is higher than ever. Naturally, the services of Korean academic translators and Korean scientific translators are indispensable in gaining access to this rich body of knowledge.

I hold a bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of Texas at Arlington. Having earned a masters degree in management strategy from Hanyang University in Korea, I am now a PhD candidate, expecting to graduate in 2020. These achievements make me uniquely qualified as a Korean academic and scientific translator for clients in fields of academic and scientific learning. Though I consider myself a subject-matter expert in economics, finance and business, I often work in other fields, too. Thanks to my research, I am familiar with statistical analysis and other aspects of the scientific method. The following are major categories of Korean academic and scientific documentation that I translate for clients around the world.

Korean Academic and Scientific Documentation
Korean academic and scientific translation is difficult work that must only be handled by a qualified Korean translator with the right subject-matter expertise.

Korean journal articles and other scientific research reports

The Korean academic and scientific literature is especially strong in electronics, telecommunications, automobiles, industrial chemicals, construction, and semiconductors. As a result, I have translated Korean academic and scientific papers on all of these topics. I handle a lot of medical and social science papers (including economics and finance), as well.

Non-Korean academics and companies needing access to Korean research hire me for Korean academic and scientific translation projects. However, Korean academics also come to me to translate their work. Korean researchers receive more recognition for publishing English-language articles in international journals than if they publish only in Korea. Therefore, Korean scientists with especially high-quality research ask me to translate their papers to English. I have a strong background in statistical analysis, and especially in econometric analysis. Therefore, I work as a Korean scientific translator to translate scientific Korean documents into field-appropriate English.

Korean masters theses and doctoral dissertations

As mentioned above, academic achievement is high in Korea. Graduate-level students publishing theses and dissertations in Korean must also include English abstracts with their deliveries. The abstract is essentially a translation of the Korean abstract. However, if the English abstract is not translated well, it may not read naturally–or even communicate properly. Over the years as a Korean academic translator, I have translated many abstracts for Korean students. I have also done so for non-Korean readers who can’t understand the original English abstracts published with some Korean papers.

Korean patents

Koreans are prolific inventors and publish thousands of patents every year. Patent translation is closely related to Korean academic and scientific translation, and there is a strong market demand for Korean patent translation. I work for many types of clients on patent translation. These include lawyers on patent cases and overseas companies studying Korean patents for business, as well as other users. In addition to one-off projects, I have participated in long-term patent translation contracts. More recently, I was a key member of a team on a WIPO competitive translation testing bid.

Note: Patents are used in a wide range of applications, not just academic and scientific. I also discuss patents under my legal Korean translation services.

Regardless of why you need Korean academic and scientific translation services, I am here to support you. My background in Korean academia (and familiarity with Korean scientific research in the corporate sector, too) supports me in providing high-quality work. As a Korean academic translator and a Korean scientific translator, I understand critical aspects of the process and deliver excellent work every time.