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Professional translation of Korean financial documents for business, investment and legal matters

The long-term financialization of the global economy is leading to new investment opportunities around the world. In line with these changes, Korean financial markets have also been transformed. Today, new areas of the economy are open for investment, and the latest financial instruments and techniques are available to both Korean and international investors. As a Korean financial translator with a strong background in the Korean corporate and business-academic fields, I provide financial Korean translation on a wide range of Korean financial documents into English for clients around the world

financial korean translation

Translation of financial Korean documents requires subject-matter expertise in the Korean financial sector.

Korean financial statements and audit reports

The audited financial statements of Korean companies contain critical information about corporate financial position and activities. However, the financial concepts are not easy to understand, and the terminology is highly specialized. To produce high-quality translation of Korean financial statements, the translator needs a strong understanding of how Korean companies operate. In addition, a competent financial Korean translator must be familiar with terminology of accounting and financial instruments, as well as the business field of the company. As a financial Korean translator, have produced English translations of many Korean financial statements. These translations let clients understand the operations of Korean companies and gain valuable insights for investment, business and legal purposes.

Financial analyses on Korean companies and reports in the Korean financial press

Most of the news published through the Korean financial press is in Korean. Get past the headlines and gain an advantage by understanding financial content that is still in Korean. I am a financial Korean translator who can give you quick and easy “English” access to these articles by providing high-quality Korean financial translation of materials you provide me. In addition, I can search for and find critical information that you need. On your instructions, I will research and report on specific financial trends, companies, financial vehicles or whatever information you require. In fact, this is a core element of my Korean business intelligence service.

Proposals to Korean investors describing investment funds and other opportunities

Today, Korean investors have deep pockets and are looking for investments around the world. My team and I often translate marketing materials from Western private-equity and other hedge funds into Korean. These Korean-language translations allow our clients to present effectively to Korean investors, especially Korean sovereign funds. A typical table of contents: short fund history, key personnel, current holdings, the fund’s investment strategy and other relevant factors. A good presentation demonstrates the fund’s differentiating points and competitiveness. However, these presentations (especially the sections on investment strategy) cover complicated topics. Thanks to my expertise as a Korean financial translator, I understand the key concepts. I also know how to communicate them effectively. Working together, my team in Korea and I translate difficult financial concepts correctly and clearly.

Your best choice for high-quality translation of Korean financial documents

My skills in Korean financial translation are second to none. As a Korean financial translator, I translate many types of Korean documents to English. For example, my Korean-to-English translation services include: financial statements, Korean bank statements, financial analysis reports, and articles in the Korean financial press and more. Also, I work with an expert team in Korea. We provide the very best translation of English financial documents to Korean. In fact, we are especially strong on investment proposals and other marketing materials that present investment opportunities to Korean investors.

Whatever your needs for financial Korean translation, I will quote you a reasonable price for top-quality translation of your documents. I can also provide you with Korean business intelligence on financial topics in Korea. Let me know if you have other needs. I will be glad to discuss with you ways to customize other finance-related Korean-language services to your needs. Check out my profile for more information about my qualifications as a Korean financial translator.