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Because I specialize only in Korea and the Korean-language, my rates are very competitive among quality providers. General translation agencies that handle many different languages subcontract nearly every project to freelancer translators and single-language agencies and so, because their prices are generally quite high, they are really only able to add significant value on multi-lingual projects. Therefore, if you only need Korean translation, then you will save money by dealing with a specialist agency like Korean Consulting & Translation Service, Inc., and I can provide a higher level of personal service to you if you do.

On the other hand, I am not the cheapest supplier in the market; in fact, I’m probably one of the more expensive ones. However, the quality of my work is second to none and I stand behind it in meaningful ways.

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Steven S. Bammel - President of Korean Consulting & Translation Service, Inc. is a graduate of the University of Texas at Arlington (College of Business Administration), Steven S. Bammel worked in Seoul for nearly five years as an employee within the LG Group of South Korea. During that time, he learned about Korean business practices from the inside as the only non-Korean member of a team handling international trade support work for LG International, Corp. Steven also promoted overseas sales for several Korean companies and edited/translated hundreds of documents... | more about Steven