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Three easy steps

Step 1

Submit your inquiry through one of the methods described below under “Ways to contact me.”

Step 2

I will promptly review your inquiry to make sure I adequately understand your needs and have the information I need to assess my availability for the work.

I’ve been doing this for a long time, so if I need additional information, I will communicate with you about it clearly and in a timely manner.

Step 3

If I am confident that I can meet your needs, I will send you a fair quote that balances your needs for quality, turnaround, price, and service.

Even if I am busy at the moment or am not the right person for your work, I will be glad to guide you in the right direction.


  • Make sure your request falls under the “Available services” and “Documents I translate” described below.
  • If your files have additional confidentiality requirements, let me know. I’ll be glad to provide you with a signed non-disclosure agreement first so that you can release the files to me for review.

Ways to contact me

Method #1 – By web form

Submitting your inquiry through the form at the bottom of this page is a very good way to initiate contact with me. When you submit the form below (be sure to click the “Send” button!), your message will come directly to my email.

I will review and respond appropriately, usually by email on the same day.

Even if you need to send me a file, submit this form first. My autoresponder will reply immediately with a confirmation email containing instructions for sending me files, including large files.

Method #2 – By email

Feel free to email your inquiry directly to me at This method reaches me just as quickly as using the web form. However, you will not get a confirmation email with additional instructions.

I will still get back to you by email as promptly as possible.

Method #3 – By phone

My phone forwards to voicemail at the moment. I am happy to get your message and I will try to call you back. However, due to time differences, it may be hard to call you at a convenient time.

I would rather start my communication with you through one of the first two methods above.

Available services

I am a technical translator. This means I translate technical Korean documents into English. I also work with a technical team in Korea on high-quality translation of English documents into Korean.

My services cover a variety of translation-related tasks, including premium translation, hybrid (machine + human) translation, certified translation, and translation revision (editing and proofreading).

With my extensive background and expertise in Korea, I also provide other language services, such as business information research.

Unavailable services

I don’t provide interpreting services. This means I don’t do phone interpreting, on-site interpreting, or either simultaneous or consecutive interpreting of the spoken word between English and Korean.

I don’t translate languages other than English and Korean.

I don’t provide general business consulting services, such as advice on business plans, marketing, or regulatory requirements. I do, however, translate all kinds of documents these fields.

I don’t provide free work or advice through cold inquiries through this website.

Documents I translate

I work exclusively on translation of technical documents in several fields, including finance, law, business, academic, scientific, medical, and personal vital documents (such as birth certificates, etc.)

Documents I don’t translate

I am not a literary translator. This means I don’t translate novels, poems, and movies.

I do, as an exception, translate personal letters from time-to-time.

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