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Translating the Korean Housing Market Stabilization Plan of December 16, 2019 into English (「12.16 주택시장 안정화 방안」을 영어로 번역한다)

I was recently contracted by an international organization to translate the Korean Housing Market Stabilization Plan of December 16, 2019 「12.16 주택시장 안정화 방안」 into English for their internal reference. This page reviews the background behind the so-called 12/16 Plan, and my translations of key terminology. Keep reading for helpful...

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Five Tips for Ensuring Your Korean Birth Certificate Translation Complies with Immigration Requirements

One of the essential documents for submission when emigrating from Korea to another country is one’s Korean birth certificate and a translation of the Korean birth certificate. However, when it comes to Korean immigration documents, the term “Korean birth certificate” is actually a misnomer. There are a few other pitfalls...

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Korean Translation Services Can Help You Attract Investment from Korean Investors

Korean companies with overseas expansion plans are searching for destinations for new operations. Korean investment funds with deep pockets (especially sovereign funds) need high returns on their money. High-quality Korean translation can help you leverage your ability to attract investment from Korean investors. If you want to attract investment from...