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Rates for Korean Translation and Other Korean-Language Support Services

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Basic rate structure As neededRetainer Monthly fee-US$1,875 Korean<>English translationAdvance quote (or US$0.28/English word)US$0.24/English word Hourly rate for non-translation servicesUS$140/hourUS$115/hour Minimum chargeUS$95/workflowNone Payment termsAdvance payment or 30-days from delivery with adequate documentationFollowing initial retainer deposit, 30 days from end of month with adequate documentation AvailabilityOrdinaryPriority Retainer-based services Charges for services on retainer are deducted from the outstanding balance at the discounted retainer [...]

Korean Business Tips Newsletter

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Give Yourself an Edge in Korea with Valuable Korean Business Tips! I send occasional Korean business tips and service updates to an opt-in-only list of recipients who want to improve their results in Korea. I focus my tips on valuable, actionable insights to help you in your business, investments, and legal matters in Korea.  Sign [...]

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I know you will do a good job on my translation project? I’ve been in this business for a long time and have established a reputation at a top Korean>English translator of financial and business texts. (Click here for full details about my professional background, experience and qualifications.) I do my best on [...]

Steven S. Bammelㆍ스티븐 밤멜

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Steven S. Bammel President of Korean Consulting & Translation Service, Inc. A graduate of the University of Texas at Arlington (College of Business Administration), Steven S. Bammel worked in Seoul for nearly five years as an employee within the LG Group of South Korea. During that time, he learned about Korean business practices [...]

Privacy & Site Policies

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Site Usage Policy Terms and Conditions for the Usage of the Website and Related Online Properties of Korean Consulting and Translation Service, Inc. (“KCTS”) Welcome to KCTS. If you continue to browse and use this website you are agreeing to comply with and be bound by the following terms and conditions of use, which [...]


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Korean Consulting & Translation Service, Inc. Korea Business Central Nojeok Hill: My View from the Top Seongpo-Dong Photoblog: Images of Seong-po Dong, Ansan and Elsewhere in Korea Steven S. Bammel LinkedIn Profile


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Contact Steven S. Bammel and Get a Project Quote or Proposal or Just Ask a Question Submitting your inquiry through the form on this page is the best way to make contact. Your message will go directly to me and I will review and respond appropriately, usually by email on the same day. ** [...]


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Click here to view these testimonials at the Korean Consulting & Translation Service, Inc. website. “Just a message to thank you. KBC has been very useful to help me finding a job! Funny fact : I’ve been hired in a French startup company and now, I’m not reading the “get a job” resources anymore but [...]


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No-Nonsense, US-Based Korean Financial Translation Services for Attorneys, Businesses, & Investors in High-Stakes Settings Steven Bammel (스티븐 밤멜) Financial/Business TranslatorㆍKorean to English 금융/사업 분야 번역가ㆍ한→영 번역 전문 B.B.A. Economics (USA) M.S. Management Strategy (Korea) 경제학 학사 취득 (미국) 경영전략 석사 취득 (한국) Steven S. Bammel - [...]