Korea Business Tip – “How Should I Translate My Director Job Title to Korean”

It’s amazing how often a simple question can have a non-simple answer. This week’s tip covers the translation of the job title “director”.

This is one of the most common job titles we translate for business clients and a comprehensive review of the options is long overdue.

My answer to the question takes up a full article on my weblog: “How Do You Write ‘Director’ in Korean?”

Tips on Translating ‘Director’ to Korean

The following summary distills the answers down to the basics:

1. Director positions within a traditional corporate structure or on the board of directors: 이사

2. Director positions outside a traditional corporate hierarchy but which have responsibility for directing an organization:

  • of a study institute – 원장
  • of a clinic or hospital – 원장
  • of a committee – 회장
  • of an office of some sort – 실장, 소장, 센터장, 협회장, 부장 or 국장 (depending on context)
  • of a research institute – 소장
  • of a larger government office – 청장

3. Director positions in the arts: 감독 or 디렉터

4. Others

  • of a choir – 지휘자
  • of programming for a TV show – PD

5. If you don’t want think about, just write 디렉터

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